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How to choose a Coach Supervisor

How to choose a Supervisor ?

As in coaching itself, the relationship between you and your supervisor is fundamental. It can be useful to schedule introductory calls or trial sessions with several potential supervisors to explore who will be ‘the best fit’. You may also wish to initially contract for a few sessions before committing to a longer-term relationship.

Some things to consider when choosing a coach supervisor:

  • Do they have a recognised qualification in coaching supervision?
  • Do they adhere to high ethical and professional standards?
  • Do they have at least several years practical experience as a coach?
  • Do they have a high level of psychological understanding?
  • Can they show that their work has been supervised for an extended period?
  • Can they work with different coaching styles and approaches?
  • Do they stay current with developments in the field of coaching and coaching supervision through professional development (CPD), such as workshops, short courses, and further education?

So there you have it; some of the reasons why coaching supervision is so important if you’re serious about being the best coach that you can be, as well as some questions to ask and things to consider when searching for and choosing your coach supervisor.